Power Wheelchairs in Ellicott City, MD

Power Wheelchairs: If you are looking for a transportable power wheelchair, a compact power wheelchair or a Complex Rehab Power wheelchair, The Scooter Shop™ has many options to fit any lifestyle and budget.

If you need transportable power mobility or a complete rehab power mobility system, The Scooter Shop™ has the products for you.

We offer power mobility from Pride Mobility, Quantum Rehab, AmyLior (formerly AmySystems), Permobil, Merits USA, Drive Medical and Sunrise Medical/ Quickie.

Jazzy Air Power Wheelchair with Seat Elevator

  • Elevates or lowers on the move with the touch of the “Air” button; stationary height adjustment via the PG VR 2 joystick drive controller
  • 10″ of power adjustable seat height in 16 seconds
  • Maximum speed up to 3.5 MPH (elevated) and 4 MPH (non-elevated)
  • Mid-Wheel 6® Drive Design with Active-Trac® Suspension for enhanced performance and maximum stability both indoors and out
  • Choice of 16″ x 16″-18″, 18″ x 18″-20″ and 20″ x 20″-22″ depth-adjustable high-back reclining sport seat
  • Angle, height and depth adjustable armrests
  • Integrated seat and foot plate design with 3-position height and angle adjustment
  • Bright LED marker lights
  • A per charge range up to 18.4 miles
  • 60″ lap belt

Power Wheelchairs in Ellicott City, MD

Power Wheelchairs in Ellicott City, MD

Pride Mobility Go Chair - Transportable Mobility Device

  • Choice of 6 colors
  • 18″ x 17″, 5-point swivel seat with latch release
  • Increased 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Faster speed – up to 3.7 mph
  • Larger, 18 amp batteries
  • Improved agility – longer wheel base; wider stance; compact turning radius 25.4″
  • Dual swing-away, under seat storage bins
  • Larger, height & width adjustable armrests
  • Larger footplate
  • One hand feather-touch disassembly for transporting
  • 60″ lap belt
  • Heaviest piece is 36 lbs.

Merits Vision Sport with Seat Elevator

  • Non-Coded Retail Power Chair
  • 7.5″ Seat Elevation Operates at 1/2 speed when elevated
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • No rear tipping on footplate standing (up to 250lbs)
  • Dual in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance
  • Semi-reclining back: 135 Degrees
  • 8 Additional Color Options
  • Optional accessories: oxygen tank holder, cane & crutch holder, walker holder, foldable rear basket, canopy and variety of color fenders, swing away joystick, height adjustable arms

Power Wheelchairs in Ellicott City, MD

Pride Mobility Passport Folding Power Wheelchair

Simply fold and travel with the Jazzy® Passport. This compact power chair folds in just a few steps and offers convenient storage and ample foot room. Travel in comfort with the Jazzy Passport.

  • A compact and lightweight design makes traveling a breeze
  • Back seat pocket for extra storage while on-the-go
  • Folds in just a few simple steps for effortless transport
  • Includes convenient, under seat mesh storage bag, mesh cup holder and 40” lap belt
  • Large foot platform to accommodate the user’s comfort
  • Specialty foam seat design for extreme comfort

Extreme X8 Power Wheelchair

About The Extreme X8, ALL-Terrain, 4WD power wheelchair

The Extreme X8 is the next generation 4×4 power wheelchair expertly customized for you by Innovation in Motion. Ask for the elevated seat and recline features. Go where no other power wheelchair could go before! The Extreme X8 is the most compact 4WD wheelchair on the market. This All-Terrain, electric wheelchair now offers a fully integrated power seating system. This includes a 12″ seat elevator, 50° tilt-in-space, non-shearing recline, and single piece power elevating leg rest.

Top Speed: 6.2 mph, Wow-za!

Whill Model Ci

Wheeled Mobility Products in Ellicott City, MD

Discover a newfound freedom and desire to further explore and engage in the things you love.
From outdoor adventures to indoor activities, Model Ci will complement your every move.


  • Short Wheelbase, Narrow Frame
  • Responsive Controls
  • Tight Turns


  • Up to 5 MPH, 10 Mile Range
  • Superb Stability & Durability
  • 2” Obstacle Clearance

Go Out and Adventure!

Live unpredictably and go where your heart desires with Model Ci’s outdoor versatility, speed, long range and ability to quickly disassemble to transport in any car.

The Latest Technology at Your Fingertips

Enjoy greater peace-of-mind and independence, and receive premium support with the embedded intelligent innovations, such as the very latest in bluetooth controls and 3G connectivity.

AmyLior AllTrack M Series

Smooth responsive ride

No adjustments needed to achieve stability and traction.

Top of the line comfort

While riding over uneven surfaces, the hard movements and vibrations are controlled and not absorbed by the seat or user.

Worry free travel over obstacles

The unique suspension will distribute the weight over the entire footprint.

SmartTrack™ Technology

This steer correcting feature improves maneuverability at low speed and helps maintain a straight trajectory for non-proportional specialty controls or when in latch mode in indoor or outdoor environments.